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All Ears is a world-first monitoring service aimed at the world of spoken media – with several acclaimed brands already using our service.

Max Hamburgers

Max Hamburgers – one of our first clients

Sweden's favorite burger hamburger chain use our service to make better decisions. Read more...

Swedish trade federation gears up for the media landscape of the future

It is important for us to stay at the leading edge of technological developments around how to best monitor media channels for news about our organisation. Read more...

React quickly to negative publicity

Bad news travels fast. Take control of any negative publicity by staying on top of when your business is being talked about. Read more...

The Power of Influencers

As traditional media such as radio and TV start to take a back seat, stay ahead of your competitors by keeping an eye on Youtube and podcasts. Read more...

150m Americans listen to podcasts every month
87% Internet users watch YouTube
18% Americans have a smart speaker at home.

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